Fresh Shelled Texas Native Pecan Halves - Organic Practice Unsprayed Wild-harvested Certified Pesticide-free and Wild-harvested

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$ 8.00

  • Weston Price Foundation "Best Food" List.
  • Sustainable, wild-harvested and certified pesticide-free.
  • Always Raw And Unpasteurized. Kept In Shell Under Ideal Condtions, Shelled Only As Needed
  • Support our 3-generation family small sustainable permaculture farm startup.
Raw wild-harvested Texas native pecans, certified pesticide-free. Cured for best flavor, then kept at ideal temperature and humidity in shell. Shelled and shipped only as needed for maximum freshness. We ship halves, not pieces, for best longevity and freshness. Support our startup sustainable permaculture three generation family farm. Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan and Paleo. Texas Native Pecans are the only thing we work with in our farm commercial kitchen, so no peanuts or other nuts ever come in our shop.

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