Texas Rio Red Grapefruit, certified organic, 18 lb. bag

Texas native pecans, certified pesticide-free

$ 55.20

My family loves the certified organic Texas Rio Red Grapefruit and Valencia oranges that I pick up from the small family orchard that grows them. Because they are organic we use the peels in cooking and garden. The predictable problem has been the lack of time to make the trip to get them.  Now I have friends that can bring them up in their truck when they come to our local farmers market each Saturday until about Mid March. I will get them for you, too, if you order by noon CST each Friday until about March 25.  I will ship them straight to you for maximum freshness.  For the full 18 lb. bag I include free FedEx shipping using 275 lb test boxes (I checked and citrus industry ships in 250 lb boxes).  This time I will also ship smaller boxes if you don't want so much.  I have sent these out several times and those of you who've gotten them have agreed with me that the freshness and taste are outstanding.