Raw Vermont Maple Sprouted Texas Native Pecans

Raw Vermont Maple Sprouted Texas Native Pecans

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We get our maple direct from a family farm in Vermont, and glaze our Texas wild-harvested native pecans. We sprout the walnuts in small hand-batches in our farm commercial kitchen with filtered water and mineral-rich Redmond Sea Salt and low-temperature dry them below 105F to preserve vitamins and enzymes. Then we coat them in maple and low-temperature dry them again for a pure light tasting but rich treat we love. Peanut-free and gluten-free. No distributor warehouse time. Always Fresh. Kept in ideal conditions, shipped straight from us. Date bagged and best by on each bag. 1000's of happy customers. Please don't be an anonymous stranger. Contact us right away with any concerns or questions and we will resolve it with you.

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